Reservations can be made by filing out our inquiry form. We typically respond within 24 hours. When reserving a rental item a 50% deposit check is required to confirm the reservation within a week of making the order and a valid credit card no. will be required to be kept on file. The deposit is for us to hold all of the items that you are requesting, specifically for you, for your date. Once you reserve the items, we can no longer rent them to anyone else. This is to guarantee that we will have all of the items that you will need available for you. We offer an optional 8% damage waiver that covers minor stains and damages to rentals that happened on accident. See below for everything covered in damage waiver policy. Any major damages or losses will be charged accordingly. If the damage waiver is declined then the credit card on file will automatically be charged the replacement or repair cost if a loss or damage occurs. All orders are to be paid in full 10 full days prior to the scheduled delivery date.

As soon as you know that you need to rent items, you should go ahead and reserve them. We do our best to keep ample stock of all items, but we do still run out of items on busy weeks.


We offer a 15 day courtesy period to which an order can be cancelled and fully refunded without any penalty (from the date that we receive the 50% deposit in the mail.) After that the deposit is non refundable. Cancelations made with 24 hours (1 day) will result a 100% cancelation fee.


Loss & Damage

Please be aware that the customer is responsible for all equipment until picked up by our staff. Keep all items out of bad weather and secure. You are responsible for all equipment missing or damaged at replacement cost. Each individual quote will list the replacement cost of badly damaged or lost items.



Our rentals are only offered for delivery at this time and delivery prices vary. Deliveries do not include set-up or take down of rental items. This service is available upon request on the inquiry page at an extra charge starting at $175.00. Everything should be returned to the original place of delivery restocked as received and ready for pick up. Upon pick-up if break down of the event is necessary there will be an extra charge of $25.00 per man for each half hour. The customer is responsible to make sure all items are counted and received upon delivery. Any additional trips for last minute add-ons customer will pay an additional delivery fee. Typically rentals are dropped off the day of the event and picked up at the end that same day/night. Other options are available and pre-arranged in contract. Multiple day rentals are possible, please inquire for pricing. We ask that someone be onsite when we arrive to count and check all items that we deliver. We will count all items on delivery and on pickup, and once signed off on and our crew leaves, you will be responsible for all items and any shortages.



All of your linens will be delivered to you clean, wrinkle free and ready to use. When finished with linens they must be dry and free of food and debris. Place them in the bins that we provide. If linen is lost or returned torn, burned, mildewed or soiled beyond cleaning, the replacement value will be charged to the credit card on file in addition to the rental charge. 




All of your dishes will be delivered to you clean and ready to use. Please return all dishes, dishwasher ready, meaning- flatware and glasses fully rinsed and clean of food, sorted and placed back in the proper milk crates. Do not worry about fully cleaning them as we take care of that, we just ask that there's no food or debris on the plates before they are put back onto the racks. A cleaning fee of .30 per piece will be assessed for any items returned unclean. Please do not scrub or put charger plates in a dishwasher as this may ruin some of them.

Order Changes



Outside of 10 days prior to your event, you may adjust your order as much as you would like. Keep in mind that the deposit is non-refundable (after the 15 day courtesy period), so if you were to reduce more than 50% of your order, you would be forfeiting a portion of your deposit. All changes, final counts, and final payments are due 10 days prior to your event. You may always add to your order, as long as we have the additional items available.

Order Minimum

Our order minimum is $250.00.

Damage Waiver Coverage

An optional 8% damage waiver will be applied to all items rented through Something Borrowed, Something Blue Rentals. Upon agreement and acceptance of the damage waiver, the renter shall have no responsibility for physical damage to the rented equipment, except for the circumstances listed below, for which the renter shall be responsible. (a) Loss or damage due to theft or mysterious disappearance, shortage disclosed upon inventory at time of pickup, or damaged equipment left outside that suffers water damage due to rain, sprinkles, or dew. (b) Use of equipment in violation of any of the terms of the rental agreement such as overloading or exceeding the rated capacity of the equipment, or damages caused by using the equipment for anything other than its intended purpose. (c) Loss or damage caused by infidelity of the renter, his employees, or persons to whom the equipment is entrusted. (d) Damage waiver does not cover mildew, burns, rips, tears, or candle wax on linens. Examples of what the damage waiver does cover: minor stains to linens, chipped paint on decor or charger plates, scratched or scuffed decor items or charger plates, chipped glass on lanterns.

No Rinse Fee

An optional no rinse fee may be added to your order for .30 cents per plate/piece of flatware used. Basically anything that may have touched food. We do not apply the charge to charger plates as they are considered decor. 

Length of Rental


Typically rentals are dropped off before your event by our delivery team and picked up after, however if needed a few days prior that can be arranged on a case by case basis. We rarely say no and can almost ALWAYS figure something out that works for everyone!

Mock Tablescapes

We offer the option to try out your tables before you book with us, or before your big day. Typically this happens once a florist has been chosen. Mock tablescape fees vary from $25- $50 dollars depending on amount of items brought and location. One mock tablescape is included when hiring a table designer.